Prof. Li-Tzong Chen receives 6th National Industrial Innovation Award

Prof. Li-Tzong Chen was awarded “6th Industry-Academia Collaboration Award, National Industrial Innovation Award” by Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C for his outstanding research achievement.

6th National Industrial Innovation Award

6th National Industrial Innovation Award

Professor Li-Tzong Chen has long been dedicated to clinical research to improve the efficacy of advanced pancreatic cancer treatment and is involved in the early clinical development of the ONIVYDE® (liposome irinotecan) and target cancer search, assisting Taiwan’s new drug development companies to successfully develop business cooperation, and authorize ONIVYDE® in a difficult new drug research and development environment. He also participated in subsequent pivotal clinical trials, confirming the use of ONIVYDE plus 5-FU/LV therapy in the follow-up treatment of patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer who have failed gemcitabine drug therapy. Being able to improve the treatment effect, it obtained drug certificates from the US FDA, EU EMA, etc., as an important milestone of new cancer drugs in Taiwan. He assisted more domestic manufacturers to invest in the development of new drugs for pancreatic and biliary cancer, to promote the development of new drugs and biotechnology industry, and to enhance the international visibility of clinical trial quality of our country.

Clinical trials are the last mile and most important way of developing new drugs. Through the participation, implementation, design and the opportunities of leading researchers to initiate clinical trial training, our country has cultivated many outstanding clinical trial physicians to make outstanding contributions in early or pivotal clinical trials in many centers of international manufacturers. However, the research and development of new drugs in our country has always been emphasizing the development of new drugs, and the role of clinicians in this industry chain has not been fully appreciated, so they could not fully demonstrate themselves. The Industry-Academia Collaboration Award of National Industrial Innovation Award of the Ministry, Economic Affairs should be an affirmation of the importance of the participation in clinical trial research doctors in the development of new drugs in Taiwan. I hope that the model of industry-academia collaboration in bio-pharmaceutical field will be concerned and together we can fight for the success of new drug research and development in Taiwan!


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